We are a fashion and lifestyle brand based in Hong Kong.

Ebony & Ivory was established in 2013 in Hong Kong. It is our mission to design clothes that can reflect the beauty of our customers. We now have three retail locations throughout Hong Kong. Our online store is launched to serve more customers within the Asia Pacific region and Mainland China.

Quality is a keystone of our business. We create our designs in-house, with each piece sewn using premium fabrics from Japan or Korea. Our extensive range caters for all occasions. Whether it’s party dresses, office wear or casual wear, we are confident that there is a piece from our range that makes you look great for your event.

Inclusivity is also important to us. Women of all age and sizes should have access to clothes which enable them to dress with style and confidence. That’s why we offer four sizes (from M to XXL). Alteration service is available at our stores to achieve best fit.

As Ebony & Ivory continues to grow, we hold onto our core mission: to design clothes that enhance the inherent beauty and elegance of our customers.

“Clothed with Strength and Dignity” Proverbs 31:25.